Saint Julie Billiart

At this time we as church remember both our beloved saints and the souls of our beloved departed.  During this time let us reflect on a few sayings of our patroness, Saint Julie Billiart.   Why not choose a quote of Julie which speaks to you and incorporate her words into your personal prayer this week.

“The good God can give more than our idea can ever conceive.  The whole thing is to have great confidence in the good God.”

“Goodbye, my dear friend in God.  Have courage, great courage!  Easier said than done, isn’t it?  But with the help of grace it is not impossible.  I love you dearly in God, in whom our hearts are united.”

“Let us pray more and more that the Kingdom of God may spread everywhere in the hearts of all.  The harvest is great but there are no labourers.  Let us work at becoming good labourers!”

“The good God will give you grace and light to know what is right at the time.”

“Days of darkness are perhaps our best and happiest days for glorifying the good of God.”

From Pathways to God’s Goodness

The Spirituality of Saint Julie Billiart

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