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Preparing for Battle: 7 Tips from St. Paul on Evangelization

How do we ensure that we’re properly “armed” for any sort of question, discussion, or argument about the faith?

Catherine of Siena Did Not Fret, Nor Should We

Catholics need to stop fretting and remember that the Church instituted by Christ will never die.

Love Has a Source

And only by staying close to that source and connected to that source will love remain strong, faithful, and pure.

Postmodern Metaphysics: Violence vs. Music

In the wake of the Jordan Peterson phenomenon, Christian metaphysics offers an alternative vision to the competition and violence of postmodernism.

St. Teresa’s Logical Ecstasy

If faith is experienced as darkness, it is not because faith is irrational but because it is supra-rational.

Riches and Wisdom

The first reading for this weekend and the Gospel, which are meant to be read in tandem, are very good examples of what I’ve called principles of spiritual physics. They lay out some ideas and relationships that are fundamental to the spiritual order—laws, if you will. And both readings have a good deal to say about riches.

A Song for the Suffering Body of Christ

“The Body,” a demo-quality home recording that feels at once like a protest song and a prayer, is an expression of great love for God’s suffering people.

Yin and Yang and Catholic Youth

If things ebb and flow in natural cycles, can the Synod on Youth be signaling a more thoughtful time ahead?

On Moments

A moment of epiphany hits us, and we are shaken.

Unanswered Prayers?

God hears us and desires to give us good things according to his will.