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Advent Reading Recommendations from the Word on Fire Team

As the days get shorter, Bishop Barron’s team offers suggested Advent readings to bring on the light.

The Challenge of Being a Christian

Heart work and head work are hard work.

Joe Rogan, GSP, and Free Will

When Joe Rogan interviewed mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre (GSP), the two had a fascinating—but problematic—discussion about consciousness.

Embracing Reality as Given

Training your body and mastering your eating habits can have a profound affect on your spiritual life.

Grumble, grumble, grumble

Ever notice that everyone around Jesus is always grumbling, but Jesus takes a different approach?

A Tale of Two Widows

Today’s Scriptures highlight two widows and two very important biblical principles: God reveals himself precisely at that moment of our greatest vulnerability and need, and the grace in your life will increase in the measure that you give it away.

Feast of the Dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica

God has become the temple, the altar, the priest, and the sacrifice.

The Fury and Glory of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Elizabeth of the Trinity battled her own nature in order to disappear into Christ.

Contemplating Beauty in Music

The music of “Ave Maria…Virgo Serena” illuminates the meaning of the sacred text.

What Young People REALLY Think About God and the Church

We hit the streets around Rome to interview random young people about God, religion, and the Church, and their responses were both discouraging and illuminating.