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What is a “directed” retreat?

There is grace and surprise in making a longer retreat, spending intentional time with God in a sacred place.

Accompaniment: Walking Away from America’s Achievement Culture

Do we have time to slow down and walk with another or are we "lost in the isolation of success and self-conservation"?

Being, Not Achieving: A Taoist Guide to Ignatian Indifference

Are your efforts to create a prayer routine a failure? The Taoist concept of Wu wei may give some relief.

Exercising the Real: Spiritual Direction as Encounter

This is a post in a blog series on spiritual direction. This week’s blogger is Stephanie Clouatre Davis. I went to my YMCA last week to try a new exercise […]

What Might Draw You to Spiritual Direction?

Three reasons one might seek out spiritual direction.

Uncovering the Movement of God

How do I hear God's voice? How do I know what God wants me to do?

The Busy Person’s Retreat

This is an Ignatian retreat, based on the Spiritual Exercises, that can be made in just a few days – even online.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Becky Eldredge shares her first experience of spiritual direction and a "busy person's retreat".

The Incarnation is at Hand

The Incarnation is not just a snapshot moment, but something that lives on and unfolds through us. The Incarnation was so our understanding of God could be radically shifted.

Until Death Do Us Part

Not having a parent at your wedding is difficult, especially when that parent is suffering from cancer. Laura shares about the power of God's grace in life's varied moments.