Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are graced with the opportunity to share Christ’s body and blood with others. They recognize Christ in the faces of all who approach. They are privileged to proclaim each person as a member of the Mystical Body by saying the words “The Body of Christ” and “The Blood of Christ.” Extraordinary Ministers profess the faith of the Church and ask for affirmation in the assembly’s “amen.”

Joyce Clough schedules Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for all weekend and Holy Day Masses. You may contact Joyce joy[email protected] or through the parish office by calling 508.993.2351 x109.

Current Schedule Aug 31 - Nov 3

Guidelines for Ministry updated 2016

Communion stations

j53aoka5jjisouk6gyuzbwh5x9l.jpeg Correct positions for Ministers of the Cup and Host

2pc8x1tp7uj982y2swxdsm6qaul.jpgIncorrect position for Minister of the Cup.  See how there is no room for the line for the cup to form


Correct position for assisting another Minister of the Host. Allows the line to keep flowing as people return to pew 

 Teri will have to cut the line Joe is in to return to her pew.