I Want to Become a Catholic

Are you interested in finding out about joining or reconnecting with the Catholic Faith?

From time to time  at some point in their adult years a person may begin to have a sense (some describe it as a nudge) that they might want to consider connecting, or reconnecting with the Catholic Faith.  Sometimes this feeling arises in relation to  a significant life event, the birth of a child, a marriage, the sickness or death of a loved one, etc.  Other times a person may simply sense a void in their life that nothing else seems to fill.  At this time they may find themselves thinking about belief,  faith and or spirituality.  Questions may arise.  A person may or may not be sure if they are ready or if they even want to follow up, yet they questions continue to stir in their mind or heart.

What’s next?  Should I call the Church and ask to speak to someone?  What if I am not sure if I want to move forward yet?  Will the person I speak with understand that I may just be looking for information at this point?  Will I have to attend classes?  What are they like?  What else is involved?

At St. Julie’s we understand that a question means that a person is seeking information.  A questioning person is making an inquiry so that they can make an informed decision in the future.  Below are some links that we hope you will find to be a good first source of information.   Reading is great but there is nothing like a face to face conversation. Why not consider making an appointment to come by the parish and chat.  If someone is encouraging you to explore the Catholic faith why not invite them along!  Contact Paula Raposo 508-993-2351 x109 or [email protected] for more information or to make an appointment.

For more information click on one of the  links below

Click here if you have been Baptized in another denomination or are not Baptized

Click here if you were Baptized in the Catholic Church but have not received Holy Communion

Click here if you are an adult Catholic who is considering receiving the sacrament of Confirmation

Click here if you attend Mass now and then or not at all and are seeking a way to reconnect