Choosing a godparent

quvi7cnejqgm2z41q09r2ql5wcl.png    Walk beside, Listen to, Learn with and Share the Faith

The bond between the parents and godparents should be a very close one.  The godparents are chosen because they will be ready to help the parents in the Christian formation of the child.  Even more important, the godparent is to be an example of what a Christian is.  When considering who your child's godparent(s) will be, look toward people who can share with you the responsibility of handing on the faith to your child.   You are searching for persons who know that being a Catholic involves prayer, justice toward the poor, kindness to friends and strangers.  They are persons whose faith is alive and important.

Godparents have the responsibility to walk beside, listen to, cherish, pray with, share with, and learn with your child.  What this means is that the godparents you choose must be a friend, a mentor, a confidante and a role model to your child.

Baptism is communal.  It draws the entire parish family into witnessing to their faith and nurturing the growth of the faith to the newly baptized.  Because of this it make most sense to have at least one of the godparents promise to help you in your duty as Christian parents.  Why ask someone who will never share the faith and prayer with your child?

Think and pray about the choice you will make.  Let it be a choice that will make a difference in the life of your child.