COVID-19 Precautions

Covid-19 Precautions

  1. By state and diocesan mandate, masks must be worn while inside the church. Please arrive wearing a mask that will be worn while on church property.
  2. Entrance to the church is only by the main front doors. Side doors may be used as exits.
  3. Seating is restricted by a distance of 6 feet between members of different households. Do not sit next to anyone unless you are from the same household. Maintain 6 feet of distance from other households at all times.
  4. Should we reach capacity at Mass, a sign will be posted at the front door of the church.
  5. The church windows will be open. Please dress appropriately.
  6. There are no missalettes. You may choose to use your smart phone to access the readings at
  7. A prayer for spiritual communion will prayed before Holy Communion at each Mass for those who prefer not to receive at this time.
  8. The congregation should not sing.
  9. There will be no offertory procession or sign of peace.
  10. Please do not congregate outside the church.