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What is Salvation?

Perhaps it's time to re-form our understanding of salvation – and our image of God.

Faith Seeking Understanding

It's human to want order and absolutes, yet the 'wisdom of the years' and our lived experience reveals a journey into mystery.

Grumble, grumble, grumble

Ever notice that everyone around Jesus is always grumbling, but Jesus takes a different approach?

Mindful Eating

Ignatius offers some guidelines on eating and our relationship with food.

Freedom: Trusting That All Will Be Well

Genuine freedom is trusting that in God all will be well. This frees us to love our enemies.

Shining Like the Sun

The comfort when Jesus shines like the sun in a moment of darkness.

Overcoming Mental Health Demons

How do we find God amidst mental illness or addiction? Rachel O'Conner shares a few insights from her experience.

Feeding Our Pain

There are some who live lives of anger and hurt, and they seek to continue to feed their pain. This is a sign of the evil spirit or, in the language of Eckhart Tolle, the "pain-body". They key is not identifying ourselves with it.

Desiring Our Happily Ever After

The deep desires God plants within our hearts are ultimately oriented to the unfolding of God's Kingdom; this includes discovering who we're meant to be.

The Suppression & Restoration of the Jesuits

For the Feast of St Ignatius, this is a re-post of the story of the Suppression and Restoration of the Jesuits.