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Rejoice and Be Glad!

Pope Francis' new apostolic exhortation is very Ignatian.

Resurrection People

As an Easter people we're called to live in communion with the Ruach Yahweh, the Breath of God.

A Marker Along My Journey to Freedom and Wholeness

Part of our journey to healing and wholeness is Jesus' simple call to love and accept ourselves.

Can God share my desires and not fulfil them?

Ignatian spirituality says that God shares the deep desires of our heart, but what if they never come to fruition?

Imaginative Prayer – An Audio Guide

A new audio track to guide you through the imaginative prayer process with a passage of scripture.

Decisions are Difficult

We're not always good at making decisions, but here are some God-centred methods that can help.

What is a “directed” retreat?

There is grace and surprise in making a longer retreat, spending intentional time with God in a sacred place.

Accompaniment: Walking Away from America’s Achievement Culture

Do we have time to slow down and walk with another or are we "lost in the isolation of success and self-conservation"?

Being, Not Achieving: A Taoist Guide to Ignatian Indifference

Are your efforts to create a prayer routine a failure? The Taoist concept of Wu wei may give some relief.

Exercising the Real: Spiritual Direction as Encounter

This is a post in a blog series on spiritual direction. This week’s blogger is Stephanie Clouatre Davis. I went to my YMCA last week to try a new exercise […]