Welcome!  As a people formed in the Roman Catholic tradition, called together by Christ, we seek to grow in faith, hope and love.  We gather to be fed and healed by Word and Sacrament, which strengthens us to build Christ's Kingdom on earth and sustains us on our pilgrim way to heaven.  Through our call to evangelize we invite all to join us on our journey of faith as we serve, teach, proclaim and give witness to the Gospel of Jesus.  In the words of our patroness, St. Julie Billiart, "May Jesus live in all our hearts."

Worship with the Virus

Reconciliation: Saturdays from 8 - 9am and 3:30-4:30pm.  Please enter and wait in line 6 feet apart.  You must wear a mask.  Confess through the screen only.  A chair will be available if you cannot kneel. 

Dispensation from attending Mass: Although we have permission to worship together again, Mass attendance has not been mandated.  The bishop continues to grant dispensation for those who choose to worship at home.

Those who are at risk due to age or illness or are vulnerable in any way should not attend Mass. Those who are sick or show any symptoms or signs of any illness should not attend Mass.  Those who have been in contact with anyone who is Covid positive in the past 14 days should not attend Mass.

Live Streamed Mass:  Will continue at 9am each week during he pandemic via our YouTube Channel.  The link is : https://youtu.be/jUpXSWEPTp8    The best way find us each week is to  subscribe to the channel and also click on the notification bell.

Attending Mass: Parishioners may attend Mass in person Saturdays @ 4:30 / Sundays @  9 & 11.  Daily Mass, Monday - Saturday 9am.  Precautions will be in place that aim to keep all of us safe.  We are all responsible for keeping each other safe.

Please watch this video on Returning to Mass, then continue reading the information below.

  • Arrive wearing a mask that will be worn while on church property.
  • Only the main doors of the church will be open.
  • Wait in the queue maintaining social distance until you are directed to enter the church. We plan to begin seating folks 15-20 minutes before Mass is scheduled to begin.
  • To assure that we seat the most people possible while  following safety guidelines, households or individuals will be directed to a pew. Do not sit next to anyone unless you share a home with them. Maintain 6 feet of distance from other households at all times.
  • Should we reach capacity a sign will be posted at the door of the church.
  • The hall and the restrooms will be closed.
  • The AC has been turned on for the summer. The church windows will be open. Dress appropriately.
  • Bulletins are online and available outside the church door as you leave church, or drive by and pick one up.
  • Mass will be shortened to prevent prolonged exposure.
  • There will be no missalettes.  Use your smart phone to access the readings.  usccb.org/bible/readings.
  • The prayer for spiritual communion will prayed before communion at each Mass for those who prefer to receive spiritually.
  • The congregation should not sing.
  • There will be no offertory procession
  • There will be no sign of peace.
  • Communion will only be given in the hand. 
  • Instructions on how to receive communion, how and when to remove your mask, the use of hand sanitizer and the flow or the communion procession will be given at Mass.  Markings on the floor will indicate the flow of the communion line. 
  • Please do not congregate outside the church. 

Updates to this information will appear in red.

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NEW A letter to the parish from Fr. Dave (August 1)

The Parish office remains closed to foot traffic.  Staff may be contacted by phone or email.  If your phone call is not answered, please leave a message. The church building is closed outside of Mass times, funerals and baptisms.

A letter from the St Vincent dePaul Society: reaching out to those in need

Our Domestic Church Photo Album

Funeral Mass may be celebrated following the weekend Mass guidelines.

Baptisms are being scheduled once more.  Contact Paula for details.

Father Roy's farewell letter to the parish





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St. Julie’s Parish provides adults with several opportunities through which they can connect or reconnect with the Catholic Faith. To find out if one of our parish programs, designed with the adult in mind, is right for you contact our Pastoral Associate.

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For your convenience, as we maintain practices to bring an end the Covid-19 Pandemic, we hope you will find these  AT HOME RESOURCES   helpful and fulfilling.
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