Parish Support

Collections and E-giving

When an individual or family registers with the parish, we mail to the household a welcome package, we assign to the individual or family a parish number, and we mail to the home address bi-monthly parish offering envelopes for its helpful support of the parish.

In making these offerings, some individuals or families opt to use e-giving which we can also process for greater convenience.  You may set up single offerings or offerings that process on a certain day each month.  Our electronic giving is primarily set up to receive offerings for our weekly collection, our parish maintenance fund, and our parish assessment collection, the last of which assists in paying an annual amount which has been assessed by the diocese as due each month (presently $5,285 per month).

What are traditionally known at Mass as “second” or “special” collections are not available for e-giving since these are collected not for the parish but for other causes which then require further transfer of funds.  Hence, we encourage those who select e-giving to continue receiving parish offering envelopes for these special collections.

We thank all who support our parish financially.  Your donations provide for the structure and activities of the parish church which serves Our Lord Jesus Christ in praise, fellowship, catechesis, evangelization and charity.

We thank you for your generosity in Christ and are available to speak with you if you ever have any questions about the process of giving and your particular gift.

Annual Appeal

Each year, usually at the beginning of February, parishioners receive a letter from the pastor encouraging them to give to the Parish Annual Appeal.  On the back of this letter is a financial report from the previous fiscal year.  Contained in the letter is also a return envelope for mailing one’s donation to the parish office.

This annual appeal to parishioners has become a necessary vehicle for meeting our annual parish operating budget.  In the event of a good financial year, the appeal receipts will go toward parish savings.

Any parishioner who has questions about our parish appeal, past or present, may contact Steven Guillotte in the parish office.

Maintenance Collection

Each month we hold a parish Maintenance Collection.  Unlike other parish collections which are assigned to a specific Sunday for its collection, the Maintenance collection is an envelope which can be used by the parishioner any time during the given month.

This collection assists us in meeting the expenses related to the maintenance of the parish church facility and the parish grounds.  You may make offerings dedicated to the Maintenance collection using your monthly parish envelopes or via electronic giving through our parish website.  We thank you for this additional, but necessary, support.

Financial Reporting

Each month, after we have balanced our bank statements, we produce an internal Profit & Loss report which is then translated into a short summary of income and expenses and printed in the parish bulletin.  We do this for the purpose of keeping our parishioners up-to-date on the macro-financial management of the parish.

Also, once each year, we send out to all active parishioners, on the back of the Parish Annual Appeal letter, an Annual Report showing our profit or loss over the most recent fiscal year.  This report is much more comprehensive than the monthly summaries in the parish bulletin, as it shows expenses in all the major areas of parish operations and income from the various categories of giving.  Parishioners who have questions about this report can speak with Father David Pignato or Mr. Steven Guillotte.

Lastly, at the beginning of each new calendar year we provide letters to parishioners who wish to receive a report of their parish giving in the previous calendar year.  We generally provide these letters from January through April (tax filing time), but are glad to provide these to parishioners anytime upon request.