Altar Servers

The invitation to become an altar server at St. Julie’s is extended to our parish youth, both male and female. Join with other parish youth who serve the Lord and his people at Mass. You are eligible to serve in this ministry if you have received First Communion. Maturity for this ministry must be discerned by parents and the pastor on a case by case basis. Many youth continue to serve well into their high school years, and some transfer into service as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. Training for this ministry are conducted as needed. Any and all who are interested may contact Fr. Roy or Paula Gendreau at any time for instruction.

Email: [email protected] or phone: 508.993.2351 option 3  or [email protected] phone: 508 993 2351 x109

Schedule beginning Aug 10

Schedule beginning Oct 5

Altar Server Guide

Things to remember

Responsibilities before and after Mass

View this helpful video about Altar Server posture.  The video language refers to male servers, we welcome both male and female servers at St. Julie's.  We hope that our servers will dress in a way that is neat and fitting of the service they are giving.  However, we do not insist on black shoes and pants as the video advocates.